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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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bank stadium... - but not for the ravens ... --the high profiie games yoo cannsee tonight. &p 3 3
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3 3 3 first on fox...5 female are arrrsted and charggd as adults... in coonection with a brutal fight at a light rail stop. 15-yyar-old shymecka ((ha- meeka) wlliams... a sophomore at poly... told police she and two of hee friends were jumped by 6 girls last tuesday... at the light rail stop. the viitims were sprayed with mace... and dragged by their hair. williams say they also stole her bookbag with her 149 they literally pulled her hair and threw her down on the ground and banged her head down on the cement. she was complaining about headaches. 58 588 of the 6 attackers are
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poly students. thhy now faces several charges... including first-degree assault ann aamed robbery. the school is also tte fight is believed to be over a boy. barry lndau... the man who pleaded guilty to stealing millions of dollars worrh of historic documentt... probaby sold more.....han first thought. landau admitted to stealing items from east coast &pmaryland historical society. the feds are targeting ddalers who illegally bouuht items from himmfor thousands of dollars anyone with the propertyy.. á knowing it was stolená... can face connpiracy charges. the issue of lead paint poisoning... isn't goinn away &pin baltimore. baltimore. as oo 2 years ago... there were more than 5-hundred people diagnosed with lead poisoning. so state lawmakers are now ccnssderrng bills... to require tests be done in homes that were built before the year 1978.if lead removed.
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(mcintoshh "even when you haae let me tell you the damage oo lead paint poisoning is, it's not reversabbe." another bill makes it harder to sue landlordssácomplyingá witt leaddpaint laws. 3 &pa baltimmre countyydelegate immigrrnts in montgomery county. county.pat mcdonoughhis sponsoring a bill... whhch pould ban illegal immigrrnts from voting in local elections. 6 townn in the county allow these elections... as long as they live thhre. 3&(mcdonough) "if osama bin laden were alive oday, he could work his way iino takoma parkkand becomm a town unconstitutional, i ffaakly think it's unamerican." unamerrccn."one town manager says voters approved a 3 referendum... alllwing illegal immigrants to vote. are school start times in maryland too early? ii you ask
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somm mothers in anne arrndel county... they'd say yes. yes. a group there has preated a petition... with over 5-thousann signatures. the group wants public schools to starr no later than 8 -m... because they believe sleep deprivvtion is harming their kids. "some kids are so depressed they are taking anti-depressants, they've tried to commit suicide based on sleep deerevaaion" depreeation" the group waa on capitol hill wednesday... where ttey met with llwmakers tto people ... including thee ssspect.... are dead after a shooting at a sychiatric center in pittsburgh. started insidd the lobby of the mediial center around two thursday &pafternoon.after the shots wer fired... swat teams shut down city streets.. the university of pittsburgh... and nearby schools.witnesses ay as many as fifteen shots were fired. &pgoing, we didn't actually kno where this all took lace. we didnnt actually know if it was decided to all just stay in, because everyone n there was u.
5:36 am others were wounded in the shooting.. but are expected to be okaa. coca-cola and pepsi are makiig changes to its sodas... to avoid the state of california puttinn cancer warnnng labels on them.the companies are changing how the drinks'' this... after california added a compound known as "4-mi" oo "4-mei" its list of carcinogens... and the collo additive has some levelssof it. theeamerican beverage don't cause any ttreat to s - people... and that california carcinogen list without any studies showing it causes cancer in humans.there was one rodents. remmmber this house?it's the was filmed running around n - in... for the hit movie ""ome alone."theeillinoos home is making headlines again... after selling ffr 1-point-
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six-million-dollars.ttat's down from the 2-ppint-4- million-dollar asking price. phe house was built in 19-88... and the movve was released in 19-90. 3p the cityywill be crrwling with the city will be the city will be crrwling with rabid lacroose fans again this peekend, as m&t bbnn stadium hhsts thee66h annuallkknica- minolta ace-off classic. indication.... theeteams playing his weekend have a lot to lookkforward to this yyar. joelld. smith is at why these gaaes mean so ook much. good morning joel d. 3
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3 forget facebook, one college student has a mmchh betttr waa to get to know people in involves swimsuits and a hht tub. senior at ohio unnvvrsity.he installed a hot tub in his dorm room... and relaxed in it for about a montt before residential housing assed him &pto get rid of t last week. they were concerned about smell of the chemicals.but the len-a-han says it's a great
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way to meet pople... so he's fighting to keep it. a million-dollar lottery winner... who was also collecting welfare... is told she won't get another dime from michiganntaxpayees. taxpayers.24-year old amanda claytonn.. who won a lump sum of 7-hundred thousand dollars befooe taxessin septemmer... was spotted using fooodstamps. wwen askkd about it... clayton and car with her winnings... and thought it was okay to ccotinue using wwlfare... no one ever cut her off. - bbt the department of human services says it was her responsibility to repprtther &pincome change within 10 days. combs says: "somebody should have told her or you cculd have been smart enough, but me, i wouldn't have even thought about. i just wwuld have been happy hat i woo a million dollars." dollarss" clayton has food ssamp program. e - authoritiis have not announce if she will face any charges. edition... her twin sister,,,
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loose(jenny) "i still have times when i cry about it. a you can help solve this cold caae. case. jim wilson? here is the chase freedom 5% cash back you get on purchases. wow!
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map ibbr map 95 ap 3
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3 3 3 coming up... her twin siiter... murdered 16 years ago...her killlr... never found. ffund.(jenny) ""omething so sudden and tragic, really channes yourrlife." life." the way you could help solve story... our cover - 3(break 2))
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when it happened, police scrambling for someone shot ann kiiled - a 22-year-old towson student. it was thought she was tte victii of her father's job.a prosecutor n anne arundel county.keith daniels tells uss in our cover story... there couud be new developementss in this cold case... " a sister's killer." killer." jeeny carrieri (cararr) says there's something about her.. that many of her friends, these days, don't really know........she rarily
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talks about it.. and the pictures can be painful. (jenny) "this as our first day of kindergarten, this iss one of my favooite pictures....."..........jenny minutes after her sister "jody.." a sister who's no longer there for her sister.(jenny) "i ssill have times when i cry about it. and uhm, i feel sad that a lot of people don't know about her and just whaa a wonderful person she was." someone killed jody pecournu... this is the anniversary week of the fatal shooting..... ii happened march 2, the time, jody was a senior at backseat of er ccr at the - drumcassle shopping center at .. after being shot, police say jody drove acrrss york road to another hopping center parrinn lot here she
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died. hey say thee pan took her purse anddcell phone. only a piece of yellow crime scene tape was left hanggng, one day after the surprising discovvry. a fatal shooting 16 years ago... a cold case with details now.. hat could help police finalll catch a sister's killer...(det. batton) ""e don't believe this it's stiil aamystery why jody was on that parking lot during those overnight hours. ..........but police say they have leads.. and without being speciiic, the use of new forensic techniis.(det. batton) "anytime a new forenssc technique is put intt place by our gency, we review see if that may play a s to say they believe they know who the killer is and where he lives, he's local. but they say they need that key piece of evidence to connect him to the crime. bbt for now, it seems, he's gotten away with murder."(det. batton) "we believe that there is somebody
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out there who may be able to somebody who may not know ttat this case remains unsolved and the importance of the information that they havve..' ........information that could bring piece of minddffr jennyy... fter the loss of her sister jody, so long ago. (jenny) "something so sudden and tragic, eally changes your iie.".........keith daniils, fox 45 news at ten. detectivvs sayyit's stiil a mystery wwy she was in that paakinn lot. the return of nick markakis... when o's fans should expect to see the right fieller in the lineup. ((break 3)) 3 &p bruue cuuningham has fox 44 mornnng ports. sports. 3
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... reebok... is going country. they're introducing a new shoe...with a western flavor. what it's called... and how much yyu'll ppy forrthem. them.
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